Northport Symphony Orchestra
2019 Summer Garden Party

Once again, we're opening our doors to you, our NSO Family,
to share in a fun night under the stars.

Saturday, June 15 • 6 PM

(Rain date June 16)

Our #1 fund-raiser of the year, the Northport Symphony Orchestra Garden Party is a critical part of our success.

Every year, the Northport Symphony Orchestra family comes together to enjoy a summer evening under the stars, filled with food and live chamber music provided by NSO musicians and friends.

The event serves as one of the orchestra's primary annual fund-raisers, and it regularly features raffle prizes donated by local businesses.

Countdown to the Garden Party

Where will you be on June 15?

One again, our 2019 Garden Party will be held at the home of Jon and Maria Nielsen.

Long-time orchestra audience members and supporters, Jon and Maria graciously allow us to host our event.

9 E Rogues Path
Huntington Station

Jon and Maria Nielsen,

Garden Party Hosts

Jon and Maria

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$ 40

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$ 35

Additional Tickets

Early Bird Extra
(Expires June 1)

Bring even more people at a discounted rate. They all get 2 raffle tickets too!

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$ 50


General Admission
(Beginning June 1)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Garden Party?

It costs a lot of money to run an orchestra these days. We have to account for insurance, paying our conductor, and all of our promotional materials, just to name a few expenses.

In order for us to keep giving you free classical music concerts featuring the orchestra, we have to generate revenue. What we believe is that, for every dollar we ask of you, we want to give you five dollars of value. The Garden Party is, by far, our top revenue-maker. For that ticket, you not only get to meet several orchestra members, but you also get to see live performances of music by orchestra members and their friends.

Do I have to order my ticket online?

Online is probably the easiest and most convenient way to order your Garden Party ticket. However, it's not for everyone.

Yes, you can order a Garden Party ticket other ways. It is possible to purchase a ticket at the door (you'll miss out on our Early Bird Discount pricing though). You can also send a check with a completed Garden Party invitation to (or, if you don't have an invitation, include a note indicating that you are paying for Garden Party tickets):

Northport Symphony Orchestra
PO Box 602
East Northport, NY 11731

Your envelope must be postmarked before June 1 to receive the Early Bird discount pricing.

What's the difference between PayPal and Eventbrite for online payment?

PayPal and Eventbrite are two different options for purchasing your tickets online. What you may notice is that your tickets will cost more if ordering through Eventbrite. That's because they add fees on to your ticket order. PayPal does not.

However, PayPal will take money from your order as part of their own fees, so we don't receive the full charged price.

PayPal: Does not add money to the cost you pay, but we receive less than the advertised ticket price due to their fees.
Eventbrite: Adds fees on top of the ticket price that you'll pay, but the displayed ticket price is exactly what we receive.

Can I host a Garden Party?

We love our audience members just as much as we love our musicians. We feel that you are an important part of our family. As such, we want to give you what you want. Our Garden Party has been hosted by many people over the years, from orchestra members, to former members, to long-time supporters of ours from the audience. If you want to be a part of the team, send us a note. In fact, we don't even have to keep our parties to the summertime - why not an ugly sweater party during the December holiday season?


Any questions? Send us a note and we'll help!